Can I take a foldable scooter on my next cruise?

Foldable Scooter Cruise

We consulted three popular cruise lines to see how well they can accommodate a traveler with a  SmartScoot™ foldable scooter. What we found was that you can probably fit your fully assembled SmartScoot™ through most cabin doorways, although it may be a tight squeeze on some cruises. In those cases, you can always opt for a larger stateroom or simply fold the device before entering or exiting your stateroom. In general, you need to make sure that the door to your room is at least 22 inches wide for your scooter to pass through fully assembled.  

can you take a mobility scooter on a cruise shipOn most cruises, mobility scooters have to be stored and recharged in the stateroom, kept out of corridors, and parked out of the way around the ship. A foldable scooter gives you additional flexibility. You may not be able to take your mobility scooter on port excursions unless it is a SmartScoot™ foldable scooter since crew members often are not allowed to lift assistive devices.

Take a look at how these cruise lines handle a foldable scooter like SmartScoot™:

scooter for cruise ship

Carnival Cruise Lines Mobility Scooter Guidelines:

Standard cabins on Carnival Cruises can have entryways varying from 22-inch to 30-inch doors. The SmartScoot™ foldable scooter is 22 inches wide so any room will do (click this link for more specifications on the SmartScoot™).

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Mobility Scooter Guidelines:

The SmartScoot™ foldable scooter would fit through any standard Royal Carribean Cruises stateroom entry door, which are all at least 23 inches wide. If you want a little more wiggle room, larger staterooms are available with wider doors that are at least 32 inches wide.

Celebrity Cruises Mobility Scooter Guidelines:

A standard stateroom door on Celebrity Cruises is a minimum of 23 inches wide, so the SmartScoot™ foldable scooter should have no trouble fitting through it. For additional convenience, there are also larger staterooms available with wider doors of at least 32 inches wide.

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