From grocery shopping to exploring the outdoors, SmartScoot™ delivers 3-speed options

When you first start looking for a mobility scooter, you probably have a very general idea of what you want. Maybe you’re looking for a long-lasting battery, one that is easy to travel with, or maybe just something that’ll get you from point A to point B. These kinds of details are very important as the goal when purchasing a scooter is to find the perfect one that will suit all of your needs.

One important specification that can often be overlooked is the speed(s) of the mobility scooter. While some people won’t pay much attention to a mobility scooter’s speed options, it can play an important role when deciding which scooter will best fit your needs and lifestyle. Buying a mobility scooter that has multiple speeds offers a host of benefits. 

At SmartScoot, our lightweight mobility scooter offers three speeds that allow drivers to choose a pace that’s comfortable for them with a battery indicator and forward and reverse functions at your fingertips. Our three speeds range from 3mph to 7mph, which allows us to provide users with much wider bandwidth for adjustment compared to other mobility scooters on the market. The benefits of having multiple speed options include being able to change speeds when going up or down a hill, increasing battery efficiency, and simply allowing for an overall change of pace based on whatever activity you’re doing. Multiple speeds also allow for more versatility on different types of terrain. 

With speeds ranging from 3mph to 7mph, you can do anything from grocery shopping, riding in the park or on a trail, or even keeping up with children. Whatever activity you choose, SmartScoot can help you stay up to speed!

We understand that flexibility and versatility are a huge priority when you’re looking for a mobility scooter. At SmartScoot, we pride ourselves on delivering a mobility solution that is designed to fit your lifestyle, and providing multiple speeds is just one more way to achieve that. If you’re interested in purchasing one of the most versatile mobility scooters on the market, take a look at the SmartScoot mobility scooter today!