How to Use the SmartScoot ™ Travel Scooter

Check out these videos to see how easy it is to assemble, use, and store the SmartScootTM travel scooter. From unboxing to putting it in your car – we have documented every step in the videos below! Whether you want to learn how to take apart your scooter or attach an accessory, these videos will walk you through the process and help you see how the SmartScoot lets you stay mobile. There are many mobility scooters – but there is only one SmartScoot!

If any of these videos do not address a question or issue you have regarding your SmartScoot mobility scooter, make sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us today!

Folding and Unfolding Your SmartScoot™

Folding and storing your SmartScootTM mobility scooter is quick and easy! Simply collapse both the steering column and seat to make the scooter even more compact and store in almost every trunk. SmartScoot’s adjustable features and lightweight design make traveling with and transporting your mobility scooter a breeze. SmartScoot also disassembles into 3 pieces, with the heaviest piece weighing 27 lbs, to accommodate for storage in even smaller spaces. Disassembling and reassembling your SmartScoot takes a matter of seconds, as demonstrated in the video below!

The SmartScoot mobility scooter comes with many features and optional accessories. To learn how to use the included features or attach any added accessories, check out the videos below for step-by-step tutorials and walk-throughs.

Unboxing your SmartScoot ™

How to attach the wheels

How to adjust the control panel

Assemble the steering column

How to attach the luggage rack

How to attach the basket

How to attach the seat

How to charge the battery

How to attach the battery

How to align your wheel

The SmartScoot™ controls

How to adjust your brakes

The SmartScoot TM travel scooter is comfortable, foldable and lightweight making it an ideal traveling companion. Read more about flying with this scooter or taking it on a cruise.