The SmartScoot’s Innovative Lithium-Ion Battery

When choosing between mobility scooters, batteries are a key feature to consider. The characteristics of a battery, ranging from power to charge time, can help you determine the best scooter for your needs. Unlike competing brands, which often use lead-acid batteries, SmartScoot™ uses a 36-volt lithium-ion scooter battery to create the most user-friendly experience.


These lithium-ion batteries are high-density with 7 times the power per pound of the traditional lead-acid batteries found in similar mobility scooters. That means that unlike other brands, SmartScoot™ can provide the user with 3 different speeds for increased convenience. That means you can drive your scooter at a pace that’s comfortable, whether that’s slowly at the grocery store or faster when joining your loved ones on walking trails. The scooter’s top speed is 7mph, equivalent to a light jog. That’s approximately 3mph faster than most other mobility scooters, which top out at 4mph. It’s important to SmartScoot™ that you maintain your active lifestyle, and with this scooter’s powerful battery, you can.


This removable scooter battery is 5 lbs, which helps make SmartScoot™ one of the lightest electric mobility scooters on the market at only 40 lbs. When the SmartScoot™ is disassembled into its three parts, the heaviest part is only 27 lbs and can easily fit into the back of a car. In addition, you can, but don’t have to remove the 5 lbs battery from that piece, bringing its weight down to 23 lbs. Comparatively, competitor scooters’ batteries often weigh a minimum of 10 lbs. This makes SmartScoot™ one of the best mobility scooter options for on-the-go and active users.


When you first purchase the SmartScoot™, it will take you only 5 hours to charge its battery, and afterwards, the battery runs on a single, hour-long charge. You can get a 12-hour ride out of every short charge, making the SmartScoot™ one of the most efficient scooters on the market. The SmartScoot™ lithium-ion battery will last years, significantly longer than the lead-acid scooter battery found in competing mobility products. SmartScoot™ believes that convenience is key for any mobility scooter, and has made a point of developing a product that minimizes the time you spent charging and changing your scooter battery.

FAA Approved

Any battery that contains less than 25 grams of equivalent lithium content (ELC) and is under 300 watts is currently allowed for airline travel by the FAA. The SmartScoot™ battery has an ELC of 24 grams and is only 288 watts, meeting all FAA regulations and those of leading airlines, including Delta, British Airways, American Airlines, and Southwest. Further, many airlines will require the scooter battery to be removed during the flight. With SmartScoot, that’s easy. To remove the scooter’s 5-pound battery, just slide the battery holder latch and disconnect the battery cord. Carefully slide the battery pack up, and then remove.

SmartScoot™ strives to combine innovation with convenience, and its lithium-ion scooter battery achieves that goal. This scooter battery is sure to give you the most efficient mobility scooter experience. As such, SmartScoot™ is the ideal scooter for people who love to travel or want simply to maintain their everyday active lifestyles.