Lightweight or durable? Get a mobility scooter that can do both!

While the SmartScoot™ is known for its sleek and lightweight design, this folding mobility scooter has a stainless steel frame that makes it one of the most durable scooters on the market. Other competitors can often opt for more inexpensive models that incorporate a lot of plastic and are much less equipped for frequent or everyday use. SmartScoot™, in most cases, exceeds expectations and is built for years of use.

Many of our customers choose SmartScoot™ time and time again because they are looking for a mobility scooter that will accommodate for everyday use. We are proud to offer a scooter that adapts to their needs and can keep up with their active lifestyle for years on end. 

Repeat Purchases 

Something that we see very often is customers purchasing a second SmartScoot™ when their current one is reaching the end of its lifespan, which is approximately 4-5 years. Many other scooters on the market would only last a year or two with everyday use, and this is exactly what keeps customers returning to SmartScoot™. 

When one of our customers was experiencing a small issue with his SmartScoot™, he began shopping for another mobility scooter. However, he shared in his testimonial that the competition just couldn’t compare to SmartScoot™ and he was ready to buy another one. Here’s a snippet from David’s testimonial: 

“During this time, I had been shopping for another mobility scooter. I can’t be without a motorized mobility device and I don’t drive. I looked everywhere, but the selection hasn’t changed much from a year ago. Many of them have common problems: they’re too long to go into the public bus, too narrow to make sharp turns, have inadequate ground clearance, their mainframe is too wide or too high, they’re not transportable in the trunk of a car, the wheels are too small, battery is too heavy, steering is difficult, etc. 

Everything kept pointing me right back to the SmartScoot™. A new one went into my shopping cart. After we got the old one running again, the new one went into ‘Save for Later.’” 

Read David’s testimonial here. 

A SmartScoot™ for Every Occasion 

It is also very common for our customers to purchase multiple SmartScoot™ mobility scooters for use at different locations like the office, home, or vacation homes. While our scooter is designed for travel, it can sometimes be more convenient for our customers to keep a SmartScoot™ at all the places they visit the most.

For those that can’t perform daily activities due to their mobility difficulties, this ensures that they are never without their mobility scooter. There are so many occasions where someone’s scooter needs to be repaired and they are lost without it. Having more than one SmartScoot™ provides a reliable backup in case your scooter is in need of some maintenance. 

Upgrading to SmartScoot™ from the Competition 

While many of our customers choose SmartScoot™ after simply doing some research, others can end up purchasing a SmartScoot™ after already owning a mobility scooter from the competition. 

Some of our favorite testimonials come from customers that are happy with their SmartScoot™ after having first-hand experience with competitors. Our testimonial from Dennis is a perfect example: 

“I already have a TravelScoot which is very similar in size and weight. After 7 years with it, it was time for a tune-up. I was a bit disappointed that a replacement battery and controller would cost about $1400. Also, the new models are not compatible with my older model so parts would be hard to purchase in the future. So I began a search to see what else was out there. I discovered the Smart Scoot and was drawn to it because if it’s weight and simple design.

I still find it to be a good, dependable product. It is my third scooter and by far the best.” 

Read the full testimonial from Dennis here. 

You can learn more about the benefits of choosing a durable scooter like SmartScoot ™from our FAQ page, and you can read what the rest of our customers have to say about their purchase on our testimonial page. Visit our online store to see the full specs for our SmartScoot™ mobility scooter, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!