How is SmartScoot ™ different from other mobility scooter brands?

One of the founders of SmartScoot ™ was diagnosed with MS in his early 30’s. Over the years, his mobility had declined to the extent that he had to rely on his wife to push him in a wheelchair. He purchased a lightweight scooter that was available in the market and used it for a year. There were many things he liked about it.

He felt that, with some innovations, he could design a compact folding scooter that would be so much better than other mobility scooter brands or power chairs. He contacted an engineering colleague who worked with him to create the SmartScoot™ brand of compact folding scooters. They came up with a folding power scooter that is better for everyday use and is also a better travel scooter.

SmartScoot™ accelerates past the competition with the following specific changes:

  • A more comfortable seat pad and backrest, a cup holder and cane holder;
  • A frame design that didn’t require him to lift his leg over a 12″ distance;
  • Variable speeds with reverse;
  • Adjustable-width rear axle that can be easily used indoors and on cruise ships;
  • Front-wheel drive;
  • An enclosed-hub motor to bestow powerful front-wheel drive;
  • Greater battery life enabling superior power scooter range (up to 12 miles);
  • Numerous useful accessories to be included with purchase (basket, luggage rack and LED light);

When you compare different mobility scooter brands and features, there is more to worry about than having a tight turning radius or adjustable top speed like SmartScoot ™. You have to also consider the availability of mobility scooter parts or accessories. Some power chairs and other mobility products have basic parts that you HAVE to buy as ‘extra accessories’ or, even worse, they don’t have accessories available at all!

In addition, be sure to consider the versatility, safety features, dimensions and battery size of the SmartScoot™. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and last longer than lead-acid batteries in mobility products. Check the weight capacity of the mobility products you consider. SmartScoot™ has a maximum weight of 300lbs (136kg). Many of the mobility scooter parts used in SmartScoot™are adjustable as well, providing customization and comfort other power chairs and mobility products can’t match.

The SmartScoot™is unique compared to other mobility scooter brands because the design takes into account the dimensional requirements of both air-travel and cruising. If you want your lightweight mobility scooter to really enhance your mobility and allow easy travel, make sure to closely compare mobility scooter brands and ensure your lightweight mobility scooter can take you anywhere.