Osteoarthritis and SmartScoot’s Foldable Lightweight Mobility Scooters

With old age often comes chronic conditions, such as osteoarthritis, that can cause long-term pain and have a tremendous impact on a person’s mobility. There are over 100 varying types of arthritis and osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms, affecting an estimated 27 million Americans. Known as ‘wear and tear’ arthritis, this condition occurs when the protective cartilage covering the ends of the bones wears down over time.

The chance of developing this disease increases with age. Impacting over 80% of people over the age of 55, osteoarthritis is the most common age-related joint disease. This disease is a leading cause of visits to outpatient departments for patients over 55 and accounts for almost half of all nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug prescriptions.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis vary greatly from person to person but can include aching and soreness in joints, pain after overuse or long periods of inactivity, feelings of stiffness after periods of rest, swelling of joints, and more. In severe cases, individuals can experience a complete loss of cartilage that results in friction between bones and causes pain both at rest and with limited motion.

How SmartScoot can lend a helping hand

SmartScoot™ is designed to help people with mobility difficulties have the ability to move around easily and freely. Mobility difficulties can have a huge impact on an individual’s overall well-being, especially those who have historically led an active lifestyle. SmartScoot has designed foldable lightweight mobility scooters that help those suffering from mobility difficulties maintain their independence and perform daily activities without obstacles.

SmartScoot’s compact, lightweight design makes it easy to take it along with you in the car, on planes or even cruise ships. Although it is lightweight compared to a full-size power chair, they are heavy-duty and boast a full weight capacity. Mobility difficulty no longer has to hinder you from traveling, spending time with family, or running errands. With the SmartScoot mobility scooter, tasks that were once a struggle can once again become a stress-free part of everyday life.

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