During the Covid-19 pandemic, Smartscoot™ became “a godsend” for David

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Smartscoot™ became “a godsend” for David

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or traveling the world via airplane or cruise ship, the Smartscoot mobility scooter was designed with you and your lifestyle in mind. SmartScoot’s lightweight frame and compact design make it the perfect mobility scooter for those on the go. You can click here to learn more information about Smartscoot or you can take it from David, who has found SmartScoot to be the perfect fit for him.

Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees and no longer driving, I decided to investigate the purchase of a scooter. I wanted one that was light enough to carry up/down a flight of stairs during elevator malfunctions in my apartment building; be taken on transit as I am a frequent transit user, and we use it for cruise ship travel as I enjoy ocean cruising.

Came across the SmartScoot while browsing the Internet. With the assistance of North of 49 Wellness, Kamloops BC, I test rode a scooter owned by a nearby resident. Also, test rode a Travelscoot in Victoria where Travelscoot Canada is located. Selected the Smartscoot because of its design, more comfortable seating, and lower price.” 

While SmartScoot has always strived to help those with limited mobility regain their independence, that mission has become even more crucial during this past year. The pandemic has presented never-ending obstacles in people’s lives, but David was able to continue his essential day-to-day activities in a safe way thanks to SmartScoot. 

“During this Covid-19 pandemic, the scooter became a godsend. With my walking now limited distance-wise and to reduce transit use, using the scooter for area travel especially shopping was beneficial because its design transformed the scooter into a glorified shopping cart. As the scooter is not recommended for use in wet weather, I had to resort back to using transit for shopping trips. With cooler temperatures reducing the life of the battery between charges, I am glad that I had purchased a second battery. With the help of the battery meter lights, several times I swapped batteries before completing my trips.

Before starting my research, I did not know that scooter batteries were regulated for airline travel. I was enlightened when I read [SmartScoot’s] was. Due to the lack of scooter usage, I did not take the scooter with me on an Australian cruise back in Feb. Until the pandemic has subsided and vaccines are proven to be effective and barring any/all health concerns, the earliest for travel resumption will be 2022 in which I will bring my scooter with me.” 

We’re proud to be able to help those with limited mobility continue to live their active lifestyle, especially during these unprecedented times. You can visit our FAQ page or contact us today if you have any questions! 

David Y. 12/23/2020