SmartScoot helps the Lacey family take on the Panama Canal

SmartScoot helps the Lacey family take on the Panama Canal

SmartScoot is the ideal scooter for people who love to travel and explore or simply want to be able to continue everyday activities that require mobility. Weighing in at 39 pounds and quickly disassembles to three pieces (the heaviest piece weighs 27lbs). The SmartScoot™ leverages a 4lb li-ion scooter battery which conveys up to 12 miles of range to SmartScoot™ mobile scooters while complying with FAA regulations for air travel.

“We are really enjoying the scooter except for the issues I noted. We took it on a Crystal Serendipity cruise through the Panama canal and My wife had no issues. Worked on and offshore, the service and passengers were pretty amazed at the size, functionality, and range of the smart scoot. Those people on those big rented monster scooters were pretty envious. Because of it’s size, collapsibility, portability and range, it is especially useful for cruising. I give it an A.”

– Dr. Conley Lacey

Compared to other brands of mobility scooters SmartScoot stands out as the easiest to fold, transport and adjust to your needs. Adjustable speed settings (including a 7mph top speed) allow versatility on all terrain and the front wheel drive mechanism ensures stability when climbing hills. SmartScoot employs an adjustable wheel width and the ability to fold down, SmartScoot is an adaptable mobility scooter that can handle the rigorous daily duties of shopping for groceries or going to the mall as well as traveling the world by plane or cruise-ship.

Dr. Con Lacey SmartScoot Mobility Scooter 05/10/2018