SmartScoot gives Linda’s husband a practical and fun form of mobility

Folding Mobility Scooter

SmartScoot gives Linda’s husband a practical and fun form of mobility

SmartScoot is a lightweight and compact mobility scooter that is designed for those with active lifestyles but may need a hand getting around from time to time. It is easy to fold and can disassemble into smaller, lighter parts – giving it the ability to fit comfortably into almost any vehicle trunk.

Linda’s husband recently got a SmartScoot and she attests that it is easy to transport:

“My husband is enjoying his SmartScoot so much! Extremely well made, yet lightweight. I have bad shoulders, back, and knees but I am able to load and unload Smart Scoot into the trunk of our Honda Civic with no trouble!”

The SmartScoot has three different speeds – 3, 5 and 7 mph. SmartScoot’s lithium-ion battery can also go up to 12 miles of range in a single charge. SmartScoot’s accommodating design and adjustable rear wheel width provides you with stability and comfort, whether you plan to use your scooter for running daily errands or traveling on planes and cruises.

“And it is so much fun! [My husband] has never had it off the lowest speed yet, but it really zips along! First trip out with it was to the doctor’s office and all of the staff wanted to take it for a spin. It really draws attention everywhere we go.

Great product! Thanks to the office staff for excellent customer service!”

Linda R. SmartScoot Mobility Scooter 10/23/2018