SmartScoot lets Edward B. accompany his wife on daily activities

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SmartScoot lets Edward B. accompany his wife on daily activities

The SmartScoot™ mobility scooter can fulfill any role you need it to, whether it be for traveling or running errands, thanks to its compact and lightweight design.

SmartScoot weighs only 40 pounds when fully assembled and can break down into smaller, lighter parts – making it fit comfortably into almost any vehicle trunk. This ability to take your mobility scooter with you anywhere you go is one of the many ways that SmartScoot helps you maintain your active lifestyle.

Edward B. shared with us how SmartScoot met all of his top criteria in a mobility scooter:

“I have a neurological condition which has made my walking very slow. I have to exert 3 times the normal energy to walk a short distance. I also have a limited sense of balance. Size, weight and portability were critical to us in our researching mobility devices.

The SmartScoot met all these criteria. There are no SmartScoot dealers where we live so we took a chance and ordered one. I can’t tell you how delighted we were after we put it together (which was very easy). Because it is lightweight and folds up, my wife can lift it into the cargo area of our car. I can now join her at malls or other places that require extensive walking with minimal portability problems. I used to be house-bound while she was at work, but am now able to travel about my neighborhood to shop or just get out.”

In terms of maintenance, the user is only responsible for charging the battery and keeping the machine clean with a damp, soft cloth. However, if an issue with your SmartScoot comes up, you can contact us with any questions or requests for maintenance.

“I must confess that I have no mechanical aptitude. So when a problem arose, I panicked. I contacted the SmartScoot people who got back to me immediately. They went out of their way to work with a local mobility repair dealer near me so I wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of shipping it back to them. They were in constant contact with each other, shipping him the part and quickly resolving the issue. As a matter of fact, our local dealer has now become our area’s official SmartScoot repairman! For someone like me who is mechanically inept, this provides a large degree of comfort!”

SmartScoot incorporates an extra touch of stability with its adjustable rear wheel width, while the front-wheel drive and variable top speed controls give the scooter advantages on normal to rough terrain.

“It is extremely agile and can easily maneuver in store aisles. I have gotten comments from people that it looks like fun – which it is! Several people have actually stopped me and asked where I got it from because they think it would be perfect for a relative of theirs. It has become a complete life-changer for me and my wife!

I highly recommend SmartScoot for anyone with conditions similar to mine. It has provided everything that is desired in a mobility device, without the negative portability issues.”

Edward B. SmartScoot Mobility Scooter 10/02/2018