A Three Wheeled Scooter to Enhance Your Mobility

When confronted with a mobility difficulty an electric mobility scooter (also known as a power scooter) is a compelling option. With so many electric mobility scooters on the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming to decide what power scooter best fits your needs. SmartScoot™ offers a three wheeled scooter that excels on various surfaces, offers variable speed, is lightweight and foldable.

SmartScoot ™ is leading the power scooter industry by offering a three wheeled scooter with a lightweight, high-capacity lithium-ion scooter battery. Old fashioned lead-acid batteries are either low-capacity and light or high-capacity and heavy. SmartScoot’s™ lithium-ion battery allows your three wheeled power scooter to go further and pull harder than power scooters using lead-acid batteries. SmartScoot ™ also uses front-wheel drive, a critical feature for power scooter users who will encounter hills or uneven surfaces. Front-wheel drive allows the power scooter to pull against the load, offering stability and power. Rear-wheel drive power scooters can become unstable when climbing steep hills or when dealing with certain surfaces.

Choosing an electric mobility scooter is more than understanding simple features like what scooter battery is used and choosing between front and rear wheel drive. Your power scooter needs to match your lifestyle. Choosing a power scooter that is heavy and bulky may work for use around the house but what about grocery shopping, going outside with family or taking a vacation? A foldable scooter is a must for transporting in a car or on a plane. If you want to take a cruise, your scooter must be able to accommodate narrow passages. If using outside, a power scooter should have variable speed controls and long range. Taking time to consider your lifestyle needs before buying a power scooter is critical.

SmartScoot ™ offers the most versatile electric mobility scooter on the market. Adjustable wheel width for stability and maneuverability, a long-range lithium-ion battery pack, variable speed controls and the stability of front wheel drive sets SmartScoot apart from the rest. Contact SmartScoot ™ today to learn more about one of the lightest folding travel scooters on the market.