Tips for using your SmartScoot™ and ways to ensure its longevity

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Understanding how to safely operate your SmartScoot is essential. As there is no license necessary to operate a mobility scooter, here are a few things to keep in mind when using your scooter to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Do: Take your time. 

When operating your SmartScoot mobility scooter, please keep in mind that there is no rush. Our scooters are power-driven, meaning you can easily control the speed at which you’re going. Especially when first starting out, it’s important to take your time and move at a speed that you’re most comfortable with while also being mindful of what speed is appropriate for different settings. It also helps to think like a driver in most situations when using your mobility scooter, as the tips one learns when operating a vehicle can be applied when using a mobility scooter. Don’t abruptly stop and make sure to be aware of your surroundings before passing, especially when riding in public places. Inclines are another thing to be mindful of when using your SmartScoot. We encourage users to use their judgment when determining if going up an incline is possible, as some may pose safety concerns if climbed. SmartScoot will handle all handicap ramps and inclines of 6˚ or less. We recommended leaning forward when riding up inclines as it can help with maintaining balance. 

Don’t: Ride in bad weather. 

When taking your mobility scooter out for a ride in nature, it’s important to understand its capabilities. It is not recommended to operate your SmartScoot in grass, mud, or snow, as riding in these conditions can significantly shorten the lifespan of your scooter. The majority of scooters are not waterproof and if wet, can cause irreversible damage. While a few drops of rain are unlikely to cause any significant damage to your SmartScoot, prolonged use while it’s raining can cause damage to the scooter’s electrical system and ruin its functionality. Suppose you anticipate the chance of your scooter possibly getting caught in the rain. In that case, it’s important to read over your owner’s manual and factor waterproof capabilities into your decision-making when purchasing a scooter. If necessary, you can purchase additional accessories such as a rain cover that will allow you to operate during unavoidable storms. 

Maintenance is essential. 

After purchasing your mobility scooter, conducting regular maintenance is vital to ensure its longevity. Luckily SmartScoot makes things simple by only requiring users to charge the battery and keep the machine clean with a damp, soft cloth. It is recommended that you recharge your battery once the battery indicator reaches 2 bars and no sooner to preserve its longevity. Do keep in mind that unnecessary recharging may reduce the lifespan of the battery. With usage, the steering locking system and front-wheel assembly may loosen, so it’s important to check regularly and tighten if needed. 

We hope that these pointers will help you extend the use of your SmartScoot. Look through our blog to learn more tips and tricks, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions