Why a folding scooter is a more flexible solution than a large fixed scooter

Searching for the right mobility scooter can be a challenge, especially if you need it long term. Finding a mobility scooter that’s foldable, lightweight, and easily transportable can be even more challenging. If you are currently on the search for a mobility scooter that is flexible and versatile enough to keep up with your busy lifestyle, you won’t have to look further than SmartScoot! 

Having a disability that hinders your mobility can be discouraging. Not being able to participate in daily activities you’ve once enjoyed can be a big hassle, and while having a mobility scooter can help, not all of them are lightweight and foldable like SmartScoot. The SmartScoot mobility scooter allows for adjustments to numerous parts to accommodate for the user. The seat height, backrest, steering column, and wheel width are all adjustable. SmartScoot can fold for quick storage in a trunk or other small space by removing the seat and the battery, or just the seat. The lightweight mobility scooter weighs slightly less than 40 pounds when fully assembled. Its heaviest piece is 27 pounds, ensuring that users with many different levels of strength can still lift it when storing.

The main benefit you’ll get from our foldable scooters is that they can fold into a compact shape that you can take anywhere, whether going on a camping trip, hitching a ride with somebody in their car, or going on vacation via cruise ship or airplane. Yes, SmartScoot also meets all FAA regulations for air travel and its tight turning radius makes it perfect for navigating cruise ship cabins

Choosing the right foldable mobility scooter means you can take it with you almost anywhere! If you like flying to exotic destinations, taking a relaxing cruise, or going camping, buying a lightweight foldable scooter like SmartScoot instead of a larger fixed scooter will give you more freedom to do all of these things. The SmartScoot mobility scooter is designed with your lifestyle in mind. Find out more about our scooter benefits here