Shipping to Australia

Before placing an order, please contact us with your full address so we can confirm delivery to your location.

Shipping to Western and South AU: The SmartScoot’s™ lithium-ion battery is considered dangerous goods and cannot be delivered by FedEx to Western or South AU. However, it can be shipped and delivered by DHL. Your scooter will be shipped by FedEx and your battery by DHL.

Shipping to Queensland, NSW and Victoria: We can ship to key cities and in most cases to outlying areas via FedEx. In some cases, we may have to ship the battery to the FedEx Service Centers located at the Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney airports for customer pick up.  Or we may be able to ship via DHL to a home address of pick up at the local post office.

Here are some helpful links to apply for an import license:

The SmartScoot™ is classified as a motorized wheelchair for import purposes.