It’s Time to Get a SmartScoot™

Have you been contemplating getting a mobility scooter, but are not entirely sure if it’s the right thing to do? If you’re on the fence about making this purchase, here are some tips to help you make a decision. 

If you’ve avoided going to certain places because long periods of walking or standing are required, purchasing a mobility scooter may be the solution. Experiencing pain while walking or standing, even if it isn’t considered severe, is reason enough to buy a SmartScoot. There is a misconception that mobility scooters are only used by those who cannot walk and, if it’s not medically necessary, you don’t need one. However, many SmartScoot owners are able to walk and stand for short periods of time and simply use their mobility scooter as a helping hand in getting around. The SmartScoot mobility scooter allows you to do things that you may have always wanted to do and can dramatically improve your quality of life. 

Walking for more than a short distance can be taxing for those with limited mobility and, without a mobility scooter, can trigger feelings of stress regarding your health. These feelings can make it feel impossible to be fully present while with family and friends. Purchasing a mobility scooter can alleviate these feelings of stress surrounding your ability to walk for longer periods and give you a new sense of independence. 

If you’ve been feeling like the benefits of having a mobility scooter will improve your quality of life, then what are you waiting for? There are no prerequisites for purchasing a SmartScoot mobility scooter, so now is the time. Visit our online store to learn more about SmartScoot and how to get yours today!