Cruises are Smooth Sailing for Heather S. with SmartScoot

Cruises are Smooth Sailing for Heather S. with SmartScoot

SmartScoot™ was designed with your active lifestyle in mind – that includes your next cruise vacation! After consulting three popular cruise lines, we have discovered that the SmartScoot mobility scooter can fit through most cabin doorways fully assembled and it provides additional flexibility when it comes to recharging, parking and attending excursions. You can click here to view how SmartScoot lines up with specific cruise lines’ accommodations.

Or you can take it from Heather, who reached out to us after she brought her SmartScoot on a recent cruise:

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my SmartScoot. I used it constantly on my cruise to Alaska, and couldn’t imagine NOT having it.

You were right when you said I would get lots of comments. One couple wrote down the name of it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t contacted you already. They wanted one for their mom. I should have carried your business card with me!

The SmartScoot mobility scooter is lightweight than other brands and has two folding options. The scooter weighs slightly less than 40 pounds when fully assembled and its heaviest piece is 27 pounds. SmartScoot can comfortably fit into almost any vehicle trunk, allowing you to take it anywhere!

I had no problems traveling with it on the plane, train, bus, ship, and rental car. It even went on the Space Needle in Seattle with me.

Heather S. SmartScoot Mobility Scooter 10/12/2018