The mobility solution for people who have active lifestyles, like Robert F.

mobility scooters on airplane

The mobility solution for people who have active lifestyles, like Robert F.

SmartScoot™ mobility scooter is the mobility solution for people who have active lifestyles. With adjustable wheel width and the ability to fold down, SmartScoot is an adaptable mobility scooter that can handle the rigorous daily duties of shopping for groceries or going to the mall as well as traveling the world by plane or cruise-ship. The adjustable speed settings (including a 7mph top speed) allow versatility on all terrain and the front wheel drive mechanism ensures stability when climbing hills. SmartScoot weighs in at 39 pounds and quickly disassembles to three pieces (the heaviest piece weighs 27lbs). Being able to quickly fold or disassemble for storage makes SmartScoot the ideal scooter for people who love to travel and explore or simply want to be able to continue everyday activities that require mobility.

Diane and Robert F. purchased a SmartScoot to help when they travel and this is what they think:

We do make good use of our SmartScoot, especially when traveling. Diane has a foot problem that keeps her from doing much walking, that’s why we bought the SmartScoot. Airports almost always involve long walks through the terminal, and she drives her SmartScoot right to the gate where we check it and pick it up at the next gate to drive through that terminal. We love to go on cruises, and almost every one of those involves quite a bit of walking just to get on or off of the ship. Then, it is often a long walk on a pier before you get started seeing the sites. She also uses it on board; the ships are very big, so it can be a long walk just to get to dinner. Without the SmartScoot, we would not even consider so much travel or cruising, but our SmartScoot has kept us in the game.” – Robert F.

Robert F. SmartScoot Mobility Scooter 09/13/2017