SmartScoot’s Front Wheel Drive Leads to Stability and Strength

When purchasing your mobility scooter, one design feature to consider is the difference between front- and rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive, which was a later development on mobility scooters, provides greater stability and maneuverability than rear-wheel drive. SmartScoot™ is proud to stand out as the only three-wheeled scooter with front-wheel drive, combining portability with practicality. 

Front-wheel drive provides a number of benefits. One of the most important is its ability to handle obstacles. Whereas rear-wheel drive mobility scooters would balk at a 2-inch curb, a front-wheel drive mobility scooter could easily pull itself over. A front-wheel drive is also much more adept at driving over soft terrain. While SmartScoot™ recommends remaining on paved surfaces as much as possible, its scooters are able to handle rides through grass, unlike other scooters. Finally, front-wheel drive scooters provide greater control on inclines. Overall, front-wheel drive scooters prove themselves to be the stronger options for stability, especially outdoors. 

What’s more, front-wheel drive mobility scooters are significantly more maneuverable than rear-wheel drive mobility scooters. Front-wheel drive mobility scooters are less sensitive to issues caused by uneven weight distribution. Further, front-wheel drive scooters tend to have a tighter turning radius. The SmartScoot™, in particular, has a turning radius approximately equal to the overall length of the scooter. These features make indoor spaces, including locations as disparate as grocery stores and cruise ships, accessible once again. 

One satisfied customer explained the difference that front-wheel drive makes in an online review: “On a slope, the front wheel is pulling you the direction you are going rather than the rear wheel pushing and the front wheel trying to steer with no power.”  Further, this customer states, “I find the stability to be better than my previous scooter. My previous scooter was rear wheel drive where this one is front wheel drive.” 

Front-wheel drive mobility scooters like SmartScoot™ empower you to regain your autonomy, wherever you go. If you’re interested in learning more about SmartScoot™, check out our FAQs, or hear what other customers had to say about their purchase. If you’re ready to buy your own SmartScoot™, you can order online here